Designing Bunce’s User Interface: Q&A with Yiokie Abang 


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes the whole orchestra to play it” H.E. Luccock highlights the beauty in collaboration and teamwork with this amazing quote. One of the things that we love about Bunce is the awesome team doing incredible work to ensure a great experience for all our customers. 

In this blog post, we highlight the work of our amazing designer, Yiokie Abang. She speaks on her journey into product design, her inspiration, challenges, and what she does for fun. Have a great read!

What inspired you to get into product design? 

Initially, I just wanted to make some money, haha! However, my journey into product design began as a graphic designer for a fashion company, where I fell in love with the visual aspects of design. During the 2020 COVID lockdown, I delved into product design, seeking more depth and impact. I found it incredibly fascinating and landed my first job. 

How long have you been designing for Bunce?

I have been working at Bunce for 9 months

Great! What do you enjoy most about your job? 

What I love about my product design job at Bunce is turning creative ideas into practical, user-friendly solutions. It’s so rewarding to create products that not only solve problems but also delight users and keep them coming back. Plus, working with such a talented team to achieve our goals makes the experience even better. 

What’s your day-to-day life like as a designer at Bunce?

 My day at Bunce is exciting and varied. It starts with a team stand-up meeting on Monday mornings to discuss our progress and plans from the previous week and the new week. I then dive into emails todo and project updates from the product and engineering team. Mid-morning is for design work, using tools like Figma to create and refine designs. 

I collaborate with product managers and developers to ensure everything aligns. After a lunch break, I sometimes focus on user testing and feedback, making necessary design adjustments. Late afternoon involves updating design documentation and syncing with the development team. By day’s end, I review my accomplishments and plan for the next day. The mix of creativity and teamwork makes every day enjoyable.

That’s quite a full day. What do you do for fun to chill off from stress?

Lol. Rest a lot. Take time off the internet and spend time with family and friends. Go shopping and play games. 

What challenges have you encountered designing Bunce’s UI? 

Designing Bunce’s UI has been quite an adventure. The main challenge was creating a user-friendly interface for the different users we cater to; logistics and financial services. Keeping the design consistent across all platforms needed a detailed style guide, and making complex features easy to use required clear navigation and hiding advanced options until needed. Again, regularly updating the UI based on user feedback meant frequent testing and tweaking.

Lastly, making sure the UI runs smoothly on all devices and network conditions took careful coding and modern tech. Despite these challenges, we’ve built an intuitive and efficient UI that works well for everyone.

Well-done! So tell us, what do you love about Bunce? 

What I love about working at Bunce is the work environment. It is so vibrant and inclusive. Every day brings new challenges and chances to learn and grow, which keeps things exciting. I love how collaborative we are; working with such a talented group sparks creativity and innovation. 

Bunce also values our input and encourages us to develop our skills, which is fantastic for professional growth. Plus, focusing on creating user-friendly designs that make a difference is something I’m passionate about. Overall, the supportive and fun atmosphere here makes coming to work a joy.

What’s your advice for early-stage product designers?

My advice to young designers is to always design with the user in mind, understand their needs and pain points. Stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and methodologies through online courses and design communities. Seek feedback and iterate based on user and peer input. Build a strong portfolio showcasing your best work and processes. Collaborate effectively with developers, product managers, and other designers and communicate well. 

Stay curious and creative, experimenting with new ideas. Manage your time effectively to meet deadlines and maintain a good work-life balance. Don’t over-criticize your work, enjoy the process of learning and creating, and remember that everyone starts somewhere.

That’s a wrap on our brief chat with Yiokie Abang, I hope you enjoyed the read. Did you find this piece interesting? Do well to share it. You could be doing one of two things or both, encouraging a product designer or spreading the good news about Bunce. Cheers!

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