5 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing using Bunce 

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Email marketing has a high ROI, and you’ve probably read on the net that it returns $36 for every $1 spent but you’re having a hard time seeing conversions or maybe you want to get better at it. Whichever it is, understanding how customers receive and respond to your emails is a necessary insight that gives you an edge on how to engage them better, if you want a better ROI. 

This is why you need to invest in the right data-driven customer engagement tool to help you track and monitor your email marketing campaigns. Bunce helps you analyse, automate and keep track of your customer engagement and its impact on your revenue. I’ll show you ways Bunce can help you to improve your email marketing and get better ROI.

Here’s what I’ll cover in this article:

  • Personalising your Email Campaigns
  • Optimising your Email Performance 
  • Effective Email List Segmentation 
  • A/B Testing your Email 
  • Tracking Your Email Campaign Performance with Bunce Analytics 

Now, let’s dive in.

Personalising Your Email Campaign Using Bunce 

The fast route of sending generic emails isn’t cutting it any longer. Customers’ inboxes are cluttered and the one way to attract a customer who has shown interest in your product is to send messages that matter to them.  

This is what Dan Jak implied when he said,

Personalisation – It is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.

It’s also the idea behind Beth Comstock’s statement,

Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionationately that good marketing essentials are the same. We are all emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.

On Bunce, there are different ways to personalise your customer emails.

  1. Analyse customer payment behaviour, attributes, intent, actions and preferences–how they buy, what they buy and purchase amount. 
  2. Segment customers based on these preferences and buying intent 
  3. Using the customer list feature, you can also upload a list of leads or customers you wish to target a particular email campaign to and give the list a name tag so you know the purpose of your campaign. 

Putting customers into different buckets based on the data you have about them helps you to speak uniquely to each segment addressing their pain points and making recommendations they love. 

Optimising Your Email Performance Using Bunce Email Automation

Optimise your email performance by setting up an automation and letting it drive your email campaign to finish. The advantages are satisfying. 

Beyond reducing manual work, automation ensures your email goes out at the right time, giving you data to track what times are favourable for your business communications. This positively influences email open rate, click-through rate (CTR) and conversions. 

And you get the chance to automate your customer’s entire journey, from the onboarding email up until they purchase. Imagine setting up your automation and watching your customer complete this journey. 

You can set up automation for different customer groups on Bunce and deliver personalised experiences to all your customers. All you need to do is segment your customers, set up your messages on Bunce and automate using the available conditions, as shown in the illustration above. 

With Bunce, you don’t only track email open rate and click-through rate but you get to see how each segment performs in terms of revenue. 

Effective Email List Segmentation Using Bunce

Keep your email list segments up to date. Customers are dynamic and can move between different segments within a short time. This means you need to be updated on customer trends within your customer base. You are at a risk of sending irrelevant content to your customer and facing a decline in conversion rates if you don’t regularly review and update your customer segment.

A data-driven customer engagement platform like Bunce gives you real time data about your customers so you can make informed decisions on how to engage your customers through email and other channels like SMS, WhatsApp, In-app, etc. 

Bunce customer list feature allows you to upload a list of customers from your excel sheet and other data sources, and create tags to identify each customer group for different campaign purposes. Other features like the bulk upload and customer segmentation also helps to effectively segment your email list.

On Bunce, you can segment customers based on purchase history, interests, and other engagement patterns. You should have a purpose of creating each customer segment. For example, segmenting high paying customers to offer them a discount on a high value product or to target new products to them. 

When you effectively segment your email list, not only do you increase open rate and CTR, you increase conversion. 

A/B Testing Your Email Campaigns 

A low open rate, CTR and conversion is your sign to A/B test what resonates with your users. It might be a problem with the length of your emails, the copy or an irrelevant message or offer to the customer. Take proactive steps by A/B testing your emails rather than waiting for the failure of one. 

Kath Pay said it best,

Every email is a customer survey of your target market, by testing, they vote on what resonated best with them.

Split your customer base or customer group into two, a 60 – 40 ratio or whatever you decide, and run an A/B test to know what works. When you find out, send the email with a higher conversion rate to the other half of your A/B test customer group. You can do this on Bunce and track the results of your campaign on the platform. 

Tracking Email Campaign Performance with Bunce Analytics 

Bunce’s robust data analytics acts as your financial partner, showing you insightful customer and business data on how your customers buy, their preferences and its impact on your business revenue. 

This gives you details on how to engage customers better across different channels and the specific campaigns to target each customer segment. Email is a powerful communication channel but you should combine other channels like SMS, In-app messages, and WhatsApp. 

Bunce’s omni-channel messaging platform can help you send, track and analyse your marketing campaigns and increase your business revenue. 

Want to see Bunce’s powerful email automation and data analytics in motion, sign up here and improve business efficiency and revenue. 


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