Introducing our Bunce and Paystack Integration


We are happy to announce our integration with Paystack

Paystack is a widely accepted and trusted payment processor for many businesses across Africa. 

This integration makes it possible for merchants to connect their payment events and billing data to Bunce. With this, you get instant actionable insights on your business metrics and performance and send personalized emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages to your customers.

How Your Business Can Leverage This Integration 

Here are the benefits your business stands to gain from our Paystack integration. 

  1. Based on the vast amount of payment data received from Paystack, businesses can get an instant accurate analysis of their financial and revenue data to draw valuable insights and inform business decisions for the finance and business team. 
  1. Businesses can automate their customer engagement efforts based on different payment events and billing data. Payment events like failed payments can be automated to recover such payments by smart retries and partial payment collection. You can also send email, sms, and WhatsApp messages to notify or nudge customers.
  1. Based on the payment data and payment events, Bunce can automatically add and remove customers into a segment and cohorts as these data and events come from Paystack. Examples like grouping based on ticket sizes (amounts), customer locations, payment status, card type, purchase frequency, subscription plan, and all other Paystack events. 

You can also build customer segments to show you:

  • Churn risk users: Users who have not made a transaction over a period of time
  • Top transaction users: Users who made transactions multiple times across separate days in the last week. 
  • Power users: Users with high ticket transactions over a period of time. 
  1. Beyond visualizing your analyzed payment data to make sense of it or segmenting your customers based on payment events and billing data, Bunce helps you personalize your outreach to these customers to help you reduce churn and drop-offs. 

You can target customers based on where they are in the payment cycle ensuring the right message is sent to the right customers and offer discounts to your power users segment.

You can send a re-engagement email, sms, or Whatsapp message to customers who are likely to churn. This helps them to re-engage with your business and make a new purchase or transaction. 

Connect Paystack to Bunce 

Connect your Paystack account by following these simple steps when you log into Bunce. 

  1. Click on payment providers on the menu bar. 
  1. Click on ‘Add provider’ and select Paystack from the payment provider list. 
  1. Choose the payment method you want to use for your payment links and invoicing. 
  1. Enter your Paystack test/live secret keys. We use this to sync your existing Paystack customers and receive events in real-time to analyze and display your revenue metrics and engage customers based on the data.
  1. Click Add Provider.  A unique URL will be generated for you. You will need to update your Paystack Live Webhook URL with the generated URL.
  1. Login to your Paystack dashboard and navigate to the settings page on your dashboard. 
  1. Update your Paystack Live Webhook URL with the unique URL generated for you.
  1. Once done, click the Save Changes button on Paystack.
  1. Return to your Bunce dashboard and click on the webhook added button. 

This video below will show you how to set up your dashboard to begin receiving payments and tracking your business metrics. 

Steps to adding your Paystack Keys

You can contact our amazing team via if you have questions that need to be addressed. 

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